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ANA Server change
Dear AeroNav Community

We are changing the server today and also upgrading some services.
All in favor for the community - more performance can be expected Smile.

Therefore it's possible that you get some errors when you try to access our web-services.
Please be patient, we are working on those issues as fast as possible.

Also the SSO-Login with the VATSIM-SSO is currently down - this should be fixed ASAP.

We will announce as soon as the maintenance is completed.
If you still get some errors afterwards, please let us know in the board.

Thank you and best regards
Aero-Nav Team
Mike Welten
AeroNav Association Administrator
The major part of the maintenance is completed, the login system is also working again.
If you encounter a page which is not working as usual, let us know!
Best regards
Mike Welten
AeroNav Association Administrator

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